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Rush guest host: gay parents are selfish

“And the desire to have these kids is almost entirely premised on, “I want to have a baby. We want to have a baby.” Not, “Are we in the best situation to be able to raise a child?” And I think it comes down to just pure selfishness. And that’s what it’s all about.”
— Rush guest host Mark Belling, on the 6/19 show

Who is Mark Belling? He’s a Milwaukee-based conservative radio personality obviously cut from the same cloth as Michael Savage, but he subbed for Mr. Oxycontin the other day and proceeded to go on a homo-tirade against gay parenting when discussing the news of a lesbian couple in Vermont who had their civil union dissolved and custody and visitation determined in family court. (Media Matters):

Can a baby have two mothers? It’s a new concept for us. And I’m not sure it’s an especially healthy one. First of all, it demeans the entire notion of fatherhood, implying that a father is an absolute irrelevancy, a concept that has destroyed many black families, the idea that we simply don’t need to have any male role model in the life whatsoever.

…But the larger point is, whether or not society needs to facilitate people’s desires to raise children any way they feel like raising them. If we’re going to sanction the parental rights of both people in a gay relationship, do we have to sanction the parental rights of a three-way relationship? Let’s imagine that a woman and a man have a baby. And the woman later decides to hook up with a female partner. Do they all get rights? And are we going to base every single decision on the basis of what these parents who are choosing alternative lifestyles want or are we going to start to think about what’s in the best interest of the child?

Belling, incidentally, has gotten his bigoted self in trouble on the air; WISN suspended him for 12 days in 2004 after he made an ethnic slur on his program:

On Belling’s Oct. 27 show, in a discussion about voter fraud, he used the word “wetback,” a derogatory term used to describe illegal Mexican immigrants. He apologized on the air numerous times last week, but those apologies were couched in sarcasm and attempts at humor.

Belling issued a written apology over the weekend for his initial use of the ethnic slur and for what he called his “inept and insensitive” handling of the matter.

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