The Dangerous Book for Boys can kiss my ass…

Weirdness abounds:

NEW DELHI – The 15-year-old son of two doctors performed a filmed Caesarean section birth under his parents’ watch in southern India in an apparent bid to gain a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest surgeon.

Instead, the boy’s father could be stripped of his licenses and may face criminal charges, officials said Thursday.

Dr. K. Murugesan showed a recording of his son performing a Caesarean section to an Indian Medical Association chapter in the southern state of Tamil Nadu last month, said Dr. Venkatesh Prasad, secretary of the association. The video showed Murugesan anesthetizing the patient.

I’ve never quite understood the obsession with getting into the Guinness Book of World Records. I assume that it allows people some kind of Willy Lomanesque way of getting the world to admit that they existed and that attention must be paid. I imagine that somewhere in the world someone recently turned to the person next to them and said, for no apparent reason, “Did you know that I hold the world’s record for playing naked Pong? 132 hours.” And the other person replied, “That’s great Mr. President. Now just veto the stem cell legislation and we’ll go have cheeseburgers for lunch.”

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