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Sentelle, Henderson, Tatel

It appears that we’ve got our panel for Scooter’s motion for release pending appeal–and we lucked out. Judges Sentelle, Henderson, and Tatel appear to be the panel–the same three judges that heard Judy’s and Cooper’s appeal on their subpoena. Sentelle is no liberal, not by any shade. But his decision on the appeal was reasonable. And Henderson and Tatel? They’re probably not invited to many cocktail parties at Laurence Silberman’s.

They’ve ordered the government to file its response to Libby’s request for bond by the 22nd, Friday. And Libby’s team must respond by the 26th.

So they’re expediting this. But they’re not the wingnuts who might have heard this motion …

One more thing: they’re not interested in hearing the Amici Illuminati’s brief.

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