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libbyssausages.jpgAs if the Richard Cohen cocktail weenie extravaganza weren’t enough, there are a couple more Libby tidbits cooked up.  First, this bit from Dan Froomkin’s excellent White House Watch, gleaned from the Susan Ralston deposition:

“Q Were you aware of any communications by Mr. Rove about Joe Wilson or Valerie Plame Wilson with the Office of the Vice President?”

A You know, it is — that investigation was so lengthy that the timing of all of the conversations is not really clear in my mind. I believe he did talk to the Vice President’s Office about it, but I just don’t remember when, with whom, the context.

“Q Why do you believe that he talked with that office about this subject?

“A. I just have a vague recollection that he and Scooter Libby talked about this subject often.

“Q. Often?

“A. Often.

Hmmmmm…interesting.  There is quite a bit more in Froomkin’s piece as well.  And emptywheel has even more — do take the time to click thru and read this.  Very interesting, indeed.

And then there is this from Editor and Publisher (H/T to reader Sparkles The Iguana):

Perhaps the most amusing moment in the book (there aren’t many) comes when Pearlstine reprints emails exchanged by Cooper’s post-Abrams lawyer Dick Sauber and prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald after Cooper’s notes had been submitted.

Fitzgerald had just discovered that Cooper had been standing stark naked in his apartment when he received the fateful call that kept him out of jail — when Libby said it was okay that he testify. Sauber joked that at least the jury would be impressed by Cooper’s “transparency.” Fitzgerald wrote back that he always believed in not ordering witnesses to dress up for court, preferring that they dress the way they feel most comfortable. Now, he said, he might have to change that policy.


Team Libby has filed a motion for a stay of sentence pending appeal, and I’ll be pulling whatever information is available off PACER for analysis at some point today.  Looking forward to some quality time with my highlighters and red pens, and will get something out for you all to digest as soon as I can on all of this. 

(Photo of Libby’s cocktail weenies vienna sausages via kris247.  H/T to rwcole for the photo idea — good one.)

PS — A couple of tidbits.  Laura Rozen will be on Fresh Air this evening talking politics, the Bush Administration, and Iran.  Second, I may be doing Sam Seder’s show on Air America on Sunday — will let you know for sure when I firm up the details.  Happy West Virginia Day to everyone — 144 years as a state and counting!

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