It started with lead “ex gay” Alan Chambers and his fake blue contacts from Exodus making a statement recently; that he doesn't think he's ever met any truly converted “gay-to-straight” success stories, and that he even has homosexual temptations himself

Well duh! Of course people can't change from “gay-to-straight”. Yes, they can choose to have a relationship with a female, have a family, and all that, for whatever guilt or religious reasons they have to do so, but they're still queer as a three dollar bill. There's not one stand-out male “ex gay” who isn't flaming, and one John Paulk looks like Roseanne Barr (in the 80's). It boggles my mind that they can fool anyone, as they are all stereotypical gay men. Not one of them is a butch example in any sense of the word, and they all make Danny Tanner from Full House look macho. 

The only people who believes the “ex gays” are the KKK nazi anti-gay homophobes, and that's it. They use the ex-gays as a weapon to force their “religious convictions” on everyone, and they pay those fags a pretty sweet allowance to be used against the GLBT community. Look at how much $$$ they all make, just for being an “ex gay” alone. And a majority of them have been caught “slipping” (aka hooking up with men). Wouldn't people start to question if this “ex gay movement” is bogus?

I honestly think the “ex gay movement” is in its last throes, as I've said long ago on my GLB blog (check out all my “ex gay” articles and op-ed's). 

I challenge the gay community to keep chipping away at this fake money-making scheme. Expose these liars, these cheap little rats, and end their homo-bloodsucking payroll too.

And there's more….. 

Hawk-faced “ex gay” Stephen Bennett came leading his so-called (beard) wife into the picture with a handfull of alfalfa, screaming like a girl at Alan Chambers because of his putting a crack into their so-called “ex gay” movement. 

As always, Bennett went on a psychotic rant. The guy is really desperate to keep his job isn't he? It must cost a lot for hay to feed that horse-faced wife of his – who I'm beyond positive he isn't attracted to. No straight man would be.

You know what? I'm going to take up for Chambers on this one, because I'd personally love to kick Bennett's ass myself. And Chamber's too! For ten years, I've been dying to throw them both in a pit of snakes, or something equally even steven for all the bad things they've done to the GLBT community over the years. And now…..well, being a “christian woman”, I can't do it. Karma seems to be doing a good job right now anyway.

I would like to believe that maybe Alan is beginning to see the err of his ways. Is this Scrooge willing to take the ghost of Christmas future's advice? Does he want to be remembered as something of a hero, and “not such a bad guy after all”, and proof that the “ex gay movement” is bullshit, or does he want to be remembered as an asshole who needed a good swift kick in the balls?

If people would pay attention to the fact Michael Bussee, who founded the “ex gay movement”, and ended up falling in love and running off with a volunteer for Exodus (Gary Cooper), then they would get an idea that this whole thing was a joke to begin with. It's a money-making scheme, and nothing more. Feel sorry for all those people paying tons of money for all this false hope and mental abuse.

Everyone – put the “ex gays” out of business for good, starting now! Bennett, you and that dyke Paulk, and all the others are toast. Chambers, you have your chance to repent, or get trampled. If you're reading this, and I have a good idea you soon will be, read my words and take heed. The free ride at the expense of the gay community is over. Just watch!

Oh yeah, and Alan – you'd earn a little respect if you'd stand up to that sissy Stephen Bennett.  Please grow a pair. 

Source: Pam Spaulding 

Source: NG Blog 

Source: Queertardo