Mrs. Pantload…

…uses the same super logical powers that come with the Goldberg name to make the case against Title IX:

Federal fiat, it turns out, can provide for the additional sports for girls, but it can’t make them come out and play. When gender bean counters told Martin County high schools that they “didn’t have enough” girls playing junior varsity sports, the county instituted a full court press to lure more freshman and JV female athletes. But response was so poor that one school had to cancel plans for girls’ varsity soccer, another couldn’t get enough players for JV basketball. At Martin County High School, the athletic director had trouble getting four girls out of a female student body of over 800 to come out for the new bowling team.

The reason high schools are having trouble finding as many girls to play sports as there are boys clamoring to take the field is apparent to anyone who takes the time to look: Girls have more varied extracurricular interests than boys. Girls out-participate boys in every extracurricular activity — band, drama, debate, student government — every one, that is, except for sports. The extracurricular gender gap so favors girls that the Independent Women’s Forum calculated that if the government were suddenly to require the same gender quota for participation in other extracurricular activities that it does in sports, 36 percent of female choir members, 25 percent of female orchestra members, and 33 percent of female debaters would have to be eliminated.

But band, choir, and debate don’t have separate ‘teams’ for girls and boys…. so …oh never mind. Maybe someone from the boys debate team can explain what a false equivalency is to the silly woman.

On another note: maybe it’s because I live in a sunnier clime where we can go outside in the sun year round, but we don’t really consider bowling to be, you know, a sport even though the anti-Title IX folks have a strange attachment to it.

Either way, you can blame it on football.

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