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It’s Interview Time

Walter Shapiro, writing for Salon, interviewed Hillary Clinton recently.

Not to be outdone, Flash of the Centristy blog, who got five minutes with Barack Obama earlier this year, scored an interview with Bill Richardson.

Check out all three interviews, and let me know what you think:

— Who asked the right questions?

— Who gave the right answers?

— Who tried to weasel their way around a tough question?

— Which questions would you have asked?

— Is anyone going to try to read anything into the way I put together the graphic that accompanies this post? (“Hmmm… she put Richardson on top… but his picture’s smaller than Clinton’s…but Obama’s picture covers her up more than she covers up Richardson’s…”)

Let ‘er rip! (I deliberately didn’t post excerpts because a) I’m too lazy and b) what I choose to excerpt tells more about me than about the interview, and I want you to read them and then tell us all what you think.)

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman