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Vermont Judge Rules in Interstate Lesbian-Custody Case

In a case that bounced between the jurisdictions of Vermont and Virginia and was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court in April, a Vermont judge awarded Lisa Miller (formerly Miller-Jenkins) custody of her biological daughter, Isabella, though he mandated regular visitation rights for the girl’s non-biological mother, Janet Jenkins (formerly Miller-Jenkins).

I’ve written about this case several times before. I admit I was hoping the court would rule for Janet Jenkins to have primary custody; Lisa Miller’s sudden conversion to being straight and her association with an ultra-conservative legal organization always seemed duplicitous and self-serving. She has, however, had custody of Isabella for the past two years, during which she did not let her see Jenkins. This was an awful thing to do, but perhaps “the best interests of the child” now mean keeping the continuity in her life. Perhaps, though, the judge simply falls into the “biology is everything” camp. It’s hard to tell from here. This is a blow for non-bio moms; we can only hope it is to the benefit of Isabella.

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