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grab-bag.jpgStuff that needs to be discussed, but which I’m too lazy to treat in separate posts (or which others have dealt with better than I ever could):

— Some church ministers are claiming that the hate-crimes bill currently before the Senate will somehow “muzzle” them. Jim Burroway of Box Turtle Bulletin has posted the text of the legislation in its entirety and dared anyone to show where the “muzzling” language is in it. So far, he’s had no takers.

— Mitt Romney doesn’t believe in states’ rights when states use those rights to extend rights to people. (Then again, most of his fellow conservatives feel the same way about states’ rights.)

— Knock, knock. Who’s there? Rula. Rula who? Rula LAW, that’s who. Hi, George. Hi, Karl.

— Real wage gains: They were nice while they lasted. (And they didn’t last long.)

— Former CIA officers to Republican National Committee chair Mel Martinez: Kindly tell your people to stop trashing Judge Walton and Patrick Fitzgerald, or go on record as favoring the destruction of America’s painstakingly-constructed intelligence networks in fits of partisan political pique.

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