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Former Surgeon General Elders on Holsinger

“It would be very difficult for me to feel that this is the person that we should be confirming in this day and time with all the problems we have, related to sexual health…I think as the nation’s chief health educator we need to know what he would do to help America evolve into a sexually healthy nation. As far as I’m concerned his views on homosexuality should not matter, but how he uses those views to educate and promote attitudes and feelings in our country should matter.”
— Former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders

It’s too bad Joycelyn Elders is not in the position today. With all of this abstinence-only nonsense being taught in schools, her perspective on the impact of sex education and the spread of disease is refreshing.

She was clearly ahead of her time when she was in the Clinton administration, she was forced tor resign for advocating masturbation to reduce the incidence of STDs. I doubt Holsinger will bring that to the table. (Pine Bluff Commercial):

Now retired from her medical practice, Elders said the U.S. is a “sexually unhealthy nation.” As evidence, she cited the rise of single-parent households and the number of pregnant teenagers and Americans with AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

“…when 56 percent of the young black gay men in our nation’s capital are HIV positive, that’s higher than in sub-Saharan Africa,” she said. “How can we say that we’re a sexually healthy nation?”

Elders said the topic of sex should not be controversial.

“You know, what you do in your bedroom is none of my business,” she said. “We need to understand that sex is about what I call the three Ps: procreation, protection of yourself and everybody else, and pleasure. And 99.9 percent of sex that goes on in the world is for pleasure.”

* Deb Price has a column up on Holsinger that you should click over to, “Conflicting tales raise questions on surgeon general nominee.”

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