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Minister: Jamaica's homophobia is the fault of Brit slaveowners

John Hardy, a minister of the New Testament Church of God in Kingston, writes in the Jamaica Observer about a ridiculous theory explaining why the country is so homophobic — repeated rape by the Brit slaveowners of male slaves on the island has ingrained them to hate gays.

The black slaves and most of their descendants developed this hatred for homosexual activities because of the painful experiences that their forefathers endured during slavery.

It is alleged that if and when a white slave master suspected that black male slaves were showing any sign of resistance to their enslavement, the most cruel and brutal treatment would be meted out to them. One such treatment would be sodomisation. Sodomisation could take place in one of three ways:

* The white slave master could sodomise the black males privately or publicly.
* Black slaves could be forced to sodomise each other in front of slave masters and other members of the plantation.
* Wooden objects known as ramrods would be used to sodomise the black male slaves, until at times blood and excreta would spurt out of their bodies as water gushes out of a broken fountain.

It is this painful and humiliating experience of 400 years of slavery that gave rise to Jamaicans’ homophobic attitude.

OK. How, then does he explain negative attitudes toward lesbianism? Better yet, what about women’s attitudes towards men, white, black, brown or otherwise — for being repeatedly raped and sodomized against their will? Shouldn’t they all turn lesbian if it’s all about the scar of sexual humiliation? My god, the ignorance. He offers this observation and prediction for us:

It may take another 400 to 500 years before Jamaicans become more tolerant to homosexual activities.

Those who find it strange that Jamaicans are so homophobic must interpret that attitude as a people saying “do not remind us of our painful and humiliating past”, a people saying “don’t push from the back because it is a painful act“.

There is no excuse for the homophobia in Jamaica. Not the levels of continued violence against innocent people minding their own business. It’s not as though there are maurauding bands of gays and lesbians forcing themselves on the citizens of the island nation.

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Hat tip, Lev.

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