While the majority of the GLBT community is off participating in the festivities or getting together with friends, the gay-hating homosexual neo-con's have their little “UN-Pride” festivities as well, including some rather interesting games:

Where's Waldo – Pride Version 

The gay conservatives gathers around a computer, using Google search for the biggest arial view photographs of past Pride parades; and they zoom in on the crowd, trying to find that ONE tweeking queer who's going down on some hobo in a dark corner. When they find that person in the photo is when all the gay conservatives starts screaming and pointing: “SEE!!! SEEEE!!! It's a gathering of sexual perversion!!! Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, it's an abomination!!!!!!!!!”

(and then when one stupid gay conservative reminds them “but…..aren't WE supposed to be gay too?”, the rest of the gay neo-con's kills the dumbtard, and buries him, after raping the body and blaming it on “lib'rull's”)

“That's My Husband!”

Because gay conservatives hate all adult gays, they search for more “pure” future husbands, such as innocent Tyler Whitney. The gay neo-con's share good times flipping through issues of Tiger Beat, Teen Luv, and Bopper, trying to find that perfect guy who isn't a sexual deviant, like all homosexuals are. 

The No-Mirror Gay Bashing Funhouse

Because gay conservatives look at all gays as filthy vile creatures (with the sole “special” exception of their own self), imagine the hilarity when those gay patriots drag out the Nerf bats and start beating each other silly. In every corner is a faggot, every person in the room is a faggot, including the cats, dogs, and refrigerator! The overwhelmed nuts see fags everywhere (as they do in everyday life, not just at their “Un-Pride” gatherings), and by the time they're done beating the crap out of each other, everyone will be too tired and bruised to party anymore.

Although most of the gay neo-con's avoids the parades, some of them actually shows up anyway, because it's the only time of the year they can get laid. Hopefully whoever that unlucky queen is, is too drunk to listen to his “fucking faggots” rhetoric, and will spare insulting how lousy he is in bed. It is Pride after all, give the neo-con homo a break. It's not his fault he's 3″, and has to settle for you, because school is out and they can't cruise the playgrounds.


To the majority of those sane gays who won't be participating in the neo-con UN-Pride, have a good time this year!