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I've noticed several bloggers looking back on their first Pride for this year's Pride Month, so although brief, I'll comment on mine as well.

My first Pride was a decade ago, and it was unlike the Pride parade's you see on TV and in the media. You really won't be seeing that in any Kentucky city, although there's a decent sized gay community in each major city there.

Instead of that, it was more of a park “Pride fair”, with fundraisers, vendors, live music, antique and hobby sellers, and people skating and horseback riding. Although there was certainly drag queen's and other colorful folks in attendance, you didn't see all that crazy shit you see when the media covers parade's in the US.

My first Pride was a community and family-oriented event, and anyone who could have had any issues over that is just a straight-up lunatic, and needs to be thrown away from the public.

And I have absolutely no problems with the wilder large-city Pride parades, although they aren't my cup of tea, and have never been to one. My reason – have you ever been to a large downtown DFW party in the gay strip? Shoulder to shoulder with everyone, people shoving and knocking people over when the line stops moving, nooooooooo thank you. If non-Pride events are that bad, I definitely wouldn't like the biggest yearly bash on the strip. I will just go to Kroger, have a cookout and invite my friends over to get fucked up, but I ain't dealing with crowds like that. No ma'am!

I don't see why the gay neo-con's get so worked up about the gays having their large Pride festivities. The only thing I can agree with is anyone there flashing off their dicks and asses, or worse, sucking dick or fucking in public is just trifeling, and they should absolutely be thrown out of the gates. I'm not for sure if gay parents are allowed to bring their children, but they shouldn't be, if people can't keep it clean, and save that shit for the hotel or whatever.

It's no secret the media almost strictly photographs and films the negative parts of Pride, such as those above-mentioned ho's, and totally ignores the commendable stuff, like the AIDS and charity fundraising going on, by performers and female impersonators; among other positive things going on there. And unlike those drunken idiots they're showing in the news, the people who are actually there busting their asses get no coverage and exposure. The only exception is local gay magazines, which always covers Pride well, every year.

My suggestion is Pride organizers need to make sure the events are a little more family-oriented, definitely nix anyone performing lewd acts in front of everyone, or else all you're doing is giving the fundie lunatics ammo, and masturbation material for Barbara (Peter LaBarbera). It would be a whole lot easier for the public to digest if they could just see a Pride event for what it really is – a colorful gathering of folks of the same kind, just like any other special event for folks of the same group, like the Million Man March.

Anyone who goes around saying Pride events are “nothing but a perverse parade of sexual deviants” is a total delusional nutty lunatic, and needs to be locked away from the public too. I don't partake in the wilder Pride events, and even I'm not that fucking stupid. EVERY event has a few idiots (can you say heterosexual “Spring Break” with all those dumb college bimbo's ending up on Girls Gone Wild, and all those frat guys getting STD's from total strangers?), and Gay Pride parades are no exception. 

So what?

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