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“Some believed I should convene a federal grand jury and bring innocent people before the grand jury.”

john-mckay.JPGTruthout’s Jason Leopold just conducted an interview with former U.S. Attorney John McKay, who was one of the targets in the Bush Justice Department’s massive U.S. Attorney purge scandal.

And it’s a doozy.

Here’s some excerpts from the story associated with the interview:

“I asked for a meeting with Harriet Miers, whom I had known since work I had been involved in with the American Bar Association, and she immediately agreed to see me in August of 2006,” McKay told me. McKay said that when he met with Miers and her deputy William Kelley at the White House, the first thing they asked him was, “Why would Republicans in the state of Washington be angry with you?” That was “a clear reference to the 2004 governor’s election,” McKay said in characterizing Miers and her deputy’s comments. “Some believed I should convene a federal grand jury and bring innocent people before the grand jury.”

“All of my actions as United States attorney had been coordinated with the Department of Justice,” McKay told me. He said he explained that to Miers and Kelley, and informed them that there was no evidence of voter fraud to support launching a federal inquiry into the election.

The meeting with Miers and Kelley did not have a positive impact on McKay’s request to be appointed a judge at US District Court. Instead, McKay said it appears that he landed on the so-called list of US attorneys to be fired just a few weeks after his meeting with Miers and Kelley.

But the question that remains unanswered is who put his name on the list?

Who, indeed?

McKay thinks that Alberto Gonzales knows, but is lying like a rug in order to protect that person or persons. Which makes sense, considering how Bush and Rove are flatly refusing to cut Gonzo loose in the face of growing and bipartisan calls for his ouster: He’s their firewall, the person standing between them and justice.

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