Reality Check? (1 of 5)

This is a crosspost from my site.

Commenting on the institutional lunacy of the Bush administration got me thinking. I still can’t imagine any reason they’d be pressing so hard for useless wars on so many fronts — unless they sincerely believed that their behavior was going to facilitate their mythical Armageddon, followed by an equally-foolish “rapture”.

But if you look around the US, you’ll see other, more general signs of social illness. Racism and bigotry — in the form of anti-immigrant movements — are at a high we’ve not seen in decades; ethnically-motivated violence is on the rise; the Klan and neo-Nazi groups, formerly on the wane, are seeing swelling in their ranks.

One teen I know recently referred to Iraqis as ragheads and was genuinely shocked when I called him out on it. And why shouldn’t he have been surprised? After all, he was basically following the example set by Bush, Cheney and most local elected officials for more than half a decade — about a third of his entire life. Xenophobia and bigotry interdigitate.

Troglodytes will always be among us; but in the last seven years they have ceased maintaining their respectful silence while in the presence of their betters. They bleat about having a “mandate” and have so cowed the US that even our elected officials — which actually do have a mandate — refuse to do what is necessary to return this nation to a better, more ethical and right course.

It saddens me profoundly that this nation has so completely slid backward. Bush might as well have handed Osama the keys to Washington.

Bush’s legacy is not simply going to be thousands of dead US soldiers and hundreds of thousands of dead Afghanistani and Iraqi civilians — and, if he has his infantile way, quite a few Iranians as well. If that were all, it would be sufficiently terrible to brand him a traitor to the United States.

But to his treachery abroad we can add the destruction of our national infrastructure — education, healthcare and disaster relief are all but nonexistent now — the destruction of our planetary environment by refusing to cap CO2 emissions — and the destruction of our national tradition of liberalism and acceptance of those who are wildly unlike ourselves. It took us fifty years of strife to forge a society that was broad-minded, largely compassionate and generally peaceful; it took a tenth that time, under Bush’s shitty leadership, to almost totally dismantle our once-shining beacon on a hill.

We should be ashamed.

Following is the first installment (of five total) of another Jack Chick-style tract, titled Reality Check?. This one is considerably darker in tone than Darwinism: the Devil’s Religion, because the message is serious enough that I don’t think levity is warranted.

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