Pointless fundie boycotts

I’ve been reading a whole lot about the “fatwas” declared by Don Wildmon and his American Fascist Association.  If you read the history of the AFA’s recent and past boycotts, there are a whole lot of corporations that made it on the list.  They’re still boycotting the Ford Motor Company because they placed ads for “premier” divisions Jaguar, Volvo, and Land Rover in the gay rags.  Do you think that a fundie would actually drive a Jag, a Volvo, or a Land Rover?  I think not.  I don’t think they would buy furniture from IKEA, no matter if they show “anti-family” commercials or not.

Recently, I’ve been reading the current boycotts on the AFA’s OneMillionMorons subsite.  They’ve been going after CKE Restaurants (Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s) and other fast food chains for their provocative commercials.  Now the fundies would have to find another place for their kids to get fat.

Even though they didn’t put it in OneMillionMorons, the AFA nazis get their knickers in a twist when they found out that Southwest Airlines is one of the sponsors of Capital Pride in DC.  So the fundies would “take action” against this business opportunity from the no-frills airline.  It’s not like Southwest would succumb to such terror groups like al-Qaeda or the AFA.

Fundies, go ahead with your stupid boycotts.  Sometimes you will make businesses money because you publicized your little boycott (and decent people hate your guts).

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