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Some tidbits from the blogs and beyond:

— Even though online registration has expired, you can still register for the Take Back America Conference at the door in DC.  Details here — the conference will be held at the Washington Hilton from June 18-20 — and both Jane and Emptywheel will be there, along with a special mystery to be revealed.  I attended the conference last year and loved it.

Tula had a fantastic post for us yesterday that got overwhelmed with the Libby decision.  Please take some time to read it, and think about making a few calls.  And a huge thanks to Tula!

— I just watched this “Walk A Day In My Shoes” video from the Richardson campaign website, and think it is a great way to start a conversation on the issues surrounding child abuse and neglect issues, foster care, social services and support networks and lack thereof, health care, and all sorts of other social and domestic issues that need to be addressed in our nation.  Great idea — love this.  Kudos to the Richardson campaign folks for pushing this issue forward.

— In case you missed the Hardball Libby apologia from Boris impersonator Joe DiGenova, Taylor has a copy on her website.  Warning — tums may be required.  Facts need not apply.

Wolcott has a chilling Iraq news round-up, with some great links.  (H/T to Elliott for the link.)  And do check out Anne Garrells’ excellent on-scene reporting on NPR this week.  She’s done some exceptional work.  (I think kathleen linked up a piece in the comments yesterday — but all of Garrells’ work has been superb lately.  If you haven’t been listening to her reports, you should — the human component in them is incredibly compelling.)  And Digby has a choice Guiliani non-answer on Iraq. 

— Speaking of Iraq, our soldiers are dealing with a sharply increased level of PTSD issues, and a rapidly thinning group of psych personnel who can help them.  I heard a disturbing report on NPR this morning while I was taking The Peanut to preschool, and I wanted to link it up for everyone here.  When you couple it with this previous report about repeated military response problems to PTSD, as discussed here in an excellent report on Ft. Carson in Colorado, and then think about how many members of our military have been exposed to repeat trips to Iraq and Afghanistan the last few years and the resulting ripples of that sort of untreated PTSD when they finally get home?  Our soldiers, their families and our communities deserve a hell of a lot better than this.  (And, honestly, if you have missed Daniel Zwerdling’s exceptional reporting on this issue, take some time to catch up on it.  This is what journalism ought to be.)

— Just when you thought Alberto Gonzales and the Bush Administration couldn’t get more appallingly power hungry.  H/T to Alfred Kilgarries.  (And even more from Cliff Schecter about the Bush Administration using your tax dollars, and the DOJ’s civil rights division, to promote the red stripes on candy canes representing the blood of Christ while voter oppression questions are left unanswered.  Gotta have your priorities…I’m just wondering where everlasting gobstoppers fit into the mix.)  And the Office of Professional Responsibility at the DOJ has added “potential witness tampering by the AG” to its list of things to investigate — which could result in a criminal referral if they substantiate it.   But don’t let that stop anyone from more attempts to purge voter rolls — this time in North Carolina.  Arrrrgh.

— Speaking of the DOJ, riffed former USAtty Bud Cummins is peeved at former Rove aide Sara Taylor’s insinuation that he be characterized as “lazy,” rather than owning up to the fact that Griffin (his USAtty replacement) was a Rove pal.  (H/T to twolf1 for the link.)

Bob Geiger reports that Sen. Russ Feingold isn’t backing down on Feingold-Reid, and that it will be back for reconsideration, with Sen. Harry Reid’s support.

Glenn has a great dissection of the 4th Circuit al-Marri opinion, in case you missed it.

Duncan points out that there was a new record in the housing mortgage market — unfortunately it was for record foreclosures.  Fasten your seat belts…it is about to get bumpy.

— TBogg shares this creepy tidbit about how gun legislation is slammed together. 

— And, finally, this is just completely hilarious.  (H/T to Carpetbagger.)

(What?  He’s at the beach, it looks warm…ahem.  Photo via omnia_mutantur.)

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