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Thor Hearne, Stalinism and the American Center for Voting Rights


Regular readers of FDL and other outposts in the reality-based community know about the great lengths to which conservatives in and out of the Bush Administration go and have gone to push the bogus notion that encouraging minorities and women to vote is actually “voter fraud”. (The U.S. Attorney purge scandal came about because the attorneys on the list to be purged were the ones who refused to prosecute these nonexistent scandals.)

Now, we get to see the lengths to which Team Bush’s fellow travelers go to obliterate the evidence of their involvement with this discredited notion.

The Brad Blog and Slate and other folks have been following the efforts of someone at Lathrop & Gage, the GOP-affiliated law firm that employs Cheney and Rove buddy Mark F. “Thor” Hearne, to erase all mention of Hearne’s ties to the discredited — and recently shut down — American Center for Voting Rights, a right-wing astroturf group.

If this all reminds you of how Soviet Russia tried to airbrush inconvenient commissars away from Stalin’s side once they’d fallen out of favor, it should.

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