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Maine fundie vows 'Massachusetts' won't happen in his state

“They aren’t going to be stopped in Maine by anything short of the truth. And the truth is that homosexuality is perverse, deviant and disgusting sexual behavior that isn’t a topic of discussion in polite and civil societies. If people want to do it in the privacy of their home then shame on them, but I’m not interested in stopping their boorish bedroom antics anymore than I’m interested in hearing about it.”
— Mike Heath, executive director of The Christian Civic League of Maine, pouting over the “loss” in Massachusetts.

Sore losers. Mike Heath and the fundies up in Maine (where they have domestic partnerships, but not marriage equality) are enraged by “the government of pro-homosexual Governor Deval Patrick” that denied the people the right to vote on the civil rights of its citizens in the Bay State. (MaineToday):

In Maine, the Legislature cannot stop a referendum of the people. If the people want a vote in Maine, they get one. Not so in Massachusetts.

…The Christian Education League interviewed MassResistance leader Brian Camenker after the vote. Speaking from the steps of the Massachusetts State Capitol Building, Camenker described the activists as “gloating.” Camenker said the pressure on legislators to vote against the marriage referendum was unbelievable. The public can listen to the interview by going to the Christian Education League’s website (http://www.christian…) and clicking on the program titled “The Totalitarianism of Homosexuality.” [Oh please!]

Heath invited the Bishop of Portland to give him a call to discuss stopping the homosexual rights movement in Maine before they confront Maine with same-sex marriage. The Bishop has promised to fight same-sex marriage.


Let’s go for two, with this exquisite reaction from Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (h/t BarbieAnn):

More than 200 years ago, the Second Continental Congress resolved that one flag would represent America to the world. It ordered that “the flag of the United States be made of thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.” Today, on the very date reserved to honor the flag’s proud and glorious history, what was seen waving throughout Boston wasn’t Old Glory, but a handful of rainbow flags, symbols not of unity but of division.

The colors crowned a contentious battle for marriage, which, this afternoon, suffered a vicious blow at the hands of the Massachusetts legislature. Spurning their own constituents, state lawmakers voted 45 to 151 to take the decision of protecting marriage out of voters’ hands. In the end, all three branches of government conspired to frustrate the desire of the voters, ignoring over 170,000 residents who signed petitions, wrongly believing that the principle of representative government would prevail. News outlets like the Boston Globe hinted that Gov. Deval Patrick (D) was buying off votes with political favors as late as yesterday. National politicians also weighed in, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), and Chairman of the DNC Howard Dean, fearing the issue would become a rallying cry for the 2008 elections.

Their actions today may prove to be the very motivator they feared. After Massachusetts, pro-family forces across the nation will be even more motivated to pursue a federal amendment protecting marriage. Despite the shameless games and political maneuvers, we must not give up on the fight. The flag that has led us into every contest for America will lead us now, reminding us of the founding ideals, like marriage and family, that so many have died to protect.

Do I smell a fundraising plea ahead?

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