GLB Craziness: Patriot Candles @ Walgreens


In GLB’s most ridiculous feat yet, I want to take a minute to have a Peter Griffin “You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?” moment, and I hope it will result in a positive change.

Everyone GLB knows likes scented candles, and there’s usually one burning at home.  Most people recommend Yankee Candles, and I agree they’re good, but way overpriced, in my opinion.

I have found a substitute, 14.5 ounce Patriot Candles, which can be found at the very gay-friendly Walgreens, priced 2 for $10 (or $5.99 each). Some are single scented, some are triple-layer. The label says “richly scented”, and I agree that you get your moneysworth, no question. I would go as far to say they’re even better than Yankee Candles, and you can buy several Patriot’s for what you pay for one Yankee.

There’s only one problem – for being fairly wide candles, they only have one wick in the center. In almost every case, the wick burns a hole in the center, making like a volcano-looking candle. Usually the wick will burn at the bottom and melt some of the surrounding candle before the wick totally goes out, and that’s just ignunt.

I have taken the time to contact American Greetings, and let them know what I think they should do, to make their Patriot Candles even better:

Dear American Greetings,

Today I mentioned your product, Patriot Candles on my blog, and praised them as even better than Yankee Candles, and definitely at a reasonable price (who can argue with 2 for $10?). I sometimes stop by Walgreens specifically to buy your Patriot Candles, and have no complaints on any flavor I’ve tried so far.

I do have a suggestion, however, which I think would greatly improve your product, and possibly increase sales. 

On almost every Patriot Candle I’ve burned, the single center wick burns a hole in the center of the candle, making it like a volcano-candle. The wick does burn to the bottom, and melts some of the surrounding candle, and in most cases, the wick burns out entirely before the candle is mostly melted.

Now I could do something ghetto, like cutting and scraping out the remaining candle, and melt the chunks in one of those tea-light scented wax cube melter thingies, but I have an even better suggestion:

Add more wicks, 2 or 3, and space them apart by an inch or two, preferably making a “triangle” formation as the way they are spaced.

For example to note, Wal-Mart’s own Home Trends brand 11.5 ounce candles, “Warm Apple Pie” scent has three wicks, and is about the same width as your Patriot Candles – and they burn completely to the bottom of the jar, thus getting your moneysworth. If only Patriot Candles done the same as Home Trends 🙁

  I think adding one or two more wicks would make for a better product, and I would love to see this addition made to Patriot Candles in the future. Thank you, and please get back with me if possible!

PS: “Island Hibiscus” rocks, don’t discontinue it ever!

We’ll see how that turns out, and I will update you with any reply.

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