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A slice of bigotry to go, please.

I haven’t had the pleasure of reading a pointed attack on black lesbians recently. I had to be satisfied with taking a pummeling as a black woman when Don Imus cut a funny on the air a while back. It’s pretty much open season on gays generally, as you see in post after post on the blog.

It was almost refreshing to see what spilled from the hip-hop blog of Byron Crawford (posting as Bol). The general topic of the post is discussion-worthy — the lack of many black women in either Maxim’s Top 100 as well as AfterEllen’s Top 100, and the ones there are light-skinned (dnA points out Rihanna/Maxim and Jennifer Beals/AfterEllen). Bol’s comment:

One thing you’ll notice though is that there’s arguably less black women in the top 10 of the lesbian list than there was in the top 10 of the Maxim list, which was cause enough for some feigned outrage in progressive circles.

I say arguably because the top 10 of the lesbian list includes Jennifer Beals, who I believe was generally thought of as a cracka-ass cracka back when she had a career, but is apparently black in the same way that Mariah Carey is black. But it’s entirely possible that the dykes who put together the AfterEllen list had no idea of this.

The whole sick, sad colorism thing deserves its own post (I’ve discussed it before here). It came back to the fore in a recent study of black college students indicated that 96% of the men preferred a medium to light complexion in women while 70% of women found light skin of value in men.

Anyway, the rest Bol’s column was, let’s just say, interesting, particularly this:

I mean, Maxim is primarily read by the kind of cracka-ass crackas who could give a rat’s ass about a woman’s feelings regardless of her race. Why should they include India.Arie on the list so as to make some progressive statement about black women’s hair when the truth of the matter is that India.Arie’s hair is fucked up-looking. Yeah, I said it.

…(Note: For what it’s worth, lesbian black women are some of the scariest-looking people you’ll ever meet in life. They wouldn’t be on my list either. I’m just saying.)

The commenters took that to declare open season on darker-skinned black women and black lesbians. It’s a window on thinking you don’t see aired much, so in some ways it’s enlightening.

like u said, maxim is a white magazine so there is no big surprise there. and to want to be on some lezbo’s list is just an artard sort of request in and of itself. it seems like the underlying complaint is why aren’t black women in more respectable publications and if this is the case, they should try to create one. king and such are there for the urban but who respects a woman who spends every 5 seconds of her life splitting her azz cheeks for you????

Everyone, regardless of race, is pretty much united in the fact that black women are genetically disgusting.

The only ones who actually crack the top ten of a list are the ones who look the least black.

a big LOL to the people who actually cry about the racial makeup of a maxim list though… MLK would be proud of you.


speaking of black dykes, i’m starting to see a lot more of them walking around. the couples all look the same. one of them looks like a dime with makeup and nails done, and she catches your eye; then you see her holding hands with some short dude with a fresh fade, baggy jeans and a white tee. you wonder, how did he pull a girl that fine? it’s not until you size up the dude, and look closer (no homo), when you realize that he has small tits and child-bearing hips.

but anyway, when do you see any black female celebrity take even a little bit of a pro-lesbian stance? never, because they’re too busy shaking their asses in videos. misogynistic rap videos, nonetheless, which i doubt many white carpet-munching, scissoring bitches listen to.


What? NONE of the Rutgers players on the list?

What’s crazy, when you look at women, Black America considers as strong….MOST of them are Bi of Full Fledged Lomos. What does that say? There could be more DL women than men. Its to the point, mother’s are proud to accept Father’s Day gifts.

If gay Black women were not so, NHH’d you’d see more Black female athletes with product campaigns. Hell,if the Williams sister’s talked like Beyonce, instead of news reporters, they wouldn’t get ANY work either. Lets face it.


Gotta admit my love for what Kanye refers to as Mutts. I’m sorry but bi-racial chicks do it for me every time. They got the best of both worlds with the boofed out hair and the fat asses. I’m just saying I can’t kick it with a chick who’s as dark as a gorilla. I’m all for black pride, but dam that shit looks busted with the Colored Purple perm and the Oprah Winfrey eyes. Not attractive in my opinion unless you won some credit card points and qualified to marry the kings daughter.


oprah, gayle king, condoleeza rice, whoppi goldberg–all skanky black pussy eaters who want to rape and molest little white girls.

It’s truly tiring to be trashed on all fronts by so many constituencies.


Mini-rant ahead…

Some days, like today (pile of work, endless emails, not much sleep), I feel like saying screw it all, shutting down the blog and going back to relative workaday anonymity, a life full of ordinary problems and stresses, like many of you out there. Our society is so messed up about race, sex, gender, class and power that it’s overwhelming. The inbox of hate, complaints, “instructions” from people with an agenda, and batsh*ttery never ceases. What can any one voice do to combat this level of insanity — I’m a grain of sand in a desert. Is any difference being made? Who gives a rip anyway?

It’s not only that you cannot please everyone (nor should that be a goal), you have to fight to overcome intense, deeply-held, wrongheaded preconceived notions about any or all of the various groups you inhabit when you walk in the door — it’s a crap shoot, even when you don’t have a chip on your shoulder, whether you’re going to get a fair shake or be dismissed outright.

Much of the ignorance is passed on by one’s family of course, but the mainstream media, steeped in  the dominant culture and relative ignorance of issues outside of it, often reflects those same biases, then hand-wrings when it’s pointed out.

Even worse, as we saw above, the poisonous, divisive thinking is internalized and perpetuated by the very minority groups that suffer discrimination; they gain strength from diminishing another group that suffers the wrath of bigotry. There is always an “other.”

I must be suffering burnout if it’s moved past “therapeutic” to talk about this nonsense.

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