The circle of life

The Politico reports on Republican plans to use those blog thingies we keep hearing about to create buzz. It works like this.

  • Campaigns should bypass the EmEssEm and go straight to the alpha bloggers who will uncritically repackage the campaigns bullshit.
  • Secondary bloggers, also known as lampreys, will link to the alpha bloggers in hopes of getting a reciprocating link boosting their hit counts which they will then use to convince their significant others/parents/imaginary girlfriends/cats that they are indeed “citizen journalists” and don’t need to get “a real job”, “out of the basement”, or “enlist”.
  • This swarming of bloggers, also known as a “circle jerk”, will be picked up by Matt Drudge who will link to the topic if there isn’t any news about the royal family (Lady Di/Prince Harry/Madonna) that day
  • The Politico will link to Matt Drudge because he “rocks their world”.
  • Left wing blogs will mock the Politico
  • Joe Klein will think they are talking about him and blame Atrios
  • There will be calls for civility
  • Lather rinse repeat
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