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Stop adding more letters!

I must be behind on the times or something, because one thing I’ve been recognizing lately on gay oriented blogs is the “GLBT/LGBT” acronym has apparently been expanded to “GLBTQI”.


I get the “Q” stand for “Queer” (I hope not “Questioning”, as in closet case kooks), but what does the “I” stand for?

After doing a quick search, it seems the “I” stands for “Intersexed” (folks born with both male and female organs).

OK, can we stop adding letters, or better yet, settle for a name for the gay community that covers everyone?

Or else in the next few years, we’ll be so inclusive of each and every spectrum of gay persons, that the acronym will go something like “The GLBTQISPELAVEBWANUHGTNEQPSIJWUZTJQSGH Community”.

Stop the ridiculousness and stop adding more letters. For the time being, the long-used “GLBT/LGBT community” is just fine, thank you. No offense to queers or intersexed people, it’s just simpler to keep up with and remember.

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