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Doan Second Round Testimony, Part III

fingerprintonglass.jpgGSA head Laurita Doan testifies today before the House Government Oversight Committee. C-Span3 is broadcasting the testimony live, including on their streaming feed online. Buckle up — and wipe those water glasses, because you never know who might want your fingerprints. (Little joke from Ms. Doan’s last appearance, for those who missed it.)

[Photo of fingerprint on water glass via John.Nathaniel.]

REP. MICA QUESTIONS:  Mica says Doan is nice, and then goes onto Bloch character assasination information.  [CHS notes:  Every time Mica talks about something smarmy, he has a weird, creepy chuckle tell.  Anyone else notice this?  It’s between a snort and a chuckle.]

REP. WATSON QUESTIONS:  One thing is very troubling to me — that race has been injected into the hearing.  Do you feel that you are being attacked because you are a woman and an African-American?  Doan says there is probably a political difference of opinion.  Doan says that she doesn’t think it is a race thing.  Watson says let’s dismiss race and gender — and she says this to the people who are injecting race and gender into all of this — that it is not applicable for this hearing or this committee, what is at issue is the Hatch Act.  Do you believe you violated the Hatch Act?  Doan says that she doesn’t think she did, and tried to tell everyone what she does recall about the Jennings presentation meeting.

DAVIS says that race and gender issue didn’t cme from Doan, it came from the “other side” with her 2 year old e-mail.  [CHS says:  actually, it came in with Davis’ opening statement and subsequent questioning…]

REP. BILBRAY QUESTIONS:  Talking about himself, having been an at risk GOP candidate in 2006, and the meanness of using statements made prior to public service actions.

REP. SHAYS QUESTIONS:  Shays brings up Thurgood Marshall’s words to talk about about Doan has been attacked.  Says he wishes she’d wait to answer a question once people have actually asked it. 

REP. YARMUTH QUESTIONS:  Points out that Bloch has countered “the OSC leaked the report” information with a “GSA actually leaked the report.”  Walking through the timeline — Doan says that she started getting questions from the press quoting the report about 7 hours prior to her actually receiving it via courier at her office.  Says she never saw the May 17th draft report that was already out in the public — Doan says she didn’t get that report directly, she pulled it off the internet.  And on to a discussion of grammar and tense, and the time continuum.

DAVIS QUESTIONS:  Back to the performance ratings questions again.

REP. SOUDER QUESTIONS:  Says this is a “gotcha game.”  And is peeved with the GSA, and is using his time to bitch at Doan about her poor decisions for the Fort Wayne Post Office and it’s bad planning for public transportation.

REP. ISSA QUESTIONS:  Really appreciates Doan’s willingness to appreciate small businesses.

REP. WELCH QUESTIONS:  Talking about use of federal government resources to talk about political campaign information to GSA employees.  You refused to answer questions before because of the ongoing OSC investigation.  Now that the investigation is over, would like an answer to my question.  Doan says investigation is continuing, so I can’t answer that.  “I won’t Monday Morning Quarterback, but I’ll say that I will evaluate what I did and do better in the future.”  (paraphrase there — but that’s pretty close)

***I need to address something else for a bit.  Am going to put up a fresh thread in a coupla minutes for you guys to continue discussing Doan in the comments.  Sorry gang — but something just came up that I need to read.  Will link up the new thread when I get it up.***

Fresh thread is up and running…

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