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cracker.jpgOn those days when I need a giggle, I tra la over to Time’s Swampland blog to read the comments.  Today, a Mr. Attaturk made me spew my coffee at his reponse to the Mudcat Saunders entry in the Right-Wing Frame Using Dem Consultant Idgit Of The Year contest.  To wit:

Posted by attaturk
June 11, 2007

Are we sure this isn’t Bob Shrum in a NASCAR hat?

Sheeee-it.  Now THAT is some funny snark. 

No matter how you wrap it up, it is a losing strategy to make unfounded assumptions and expect everyone to go along with them without calling you on your idiocy.  Especially when you insult folks in your own party with lines straight out of the Lee Atwater playbook. 

Personally, I’m from West By God Virginia, born and raised.  Still live here.  I like my iced tea sweet, and my peaches in a cobbler…and I also happen to be a stickler for the rule of law, even for friends of the Beltway crew.  I know a bunch of y’all who live south of the Mason-Dixon line would agree with me on that one, whether or not you attend the opera or head down to the roadhouse on Fridays for two-for-one beer night (and free wings at the bar for ladies).  And that goes for a whole lotta folks above the Mason-Dixon line as well.

So, Mister Mudcat Saunders can stop pretending to speak for all us hillbillies any time now.  His “common man” schtick is grating on my last nerve, and his obsession with playing up the absolute worst of the hickville stereotypes at the expense of any and all other voting constituencies is leaving Democrats — and the candidates he supports — in a bad light indeed. 

Some of us rural folk are intelligent, inclusive, law-abiding egalitarians and patriots who think the constitution and the rule of law ought to come ahead of cronyism.  And Mr. Saunders clearly does not speak for us.  That goes for those with and without a college degree, with and without a NASCAR favorite, with and without Granny Verta’s pimento cheese spread recipe, but definitely all with more of a lick of common sense that Mr. Saunders shows in the Swampland.  Take a page from Dr. King and RFK’s books, Mr. Saunders, and stop trying to play divide and cracker.

(Photo via yuan2003.)

UPDATE:  Mudcat decides that he was perhaps ever so slightly intemperate and..erm…wrong, Part III.  (via TBogg)

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