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Countdown to the constitutional constitution – three days to go…

For many people, Pride is their favorite time of year. Deep-fried food, puppy-dogs, couples and their babies – and more than a little political muscle flexing usually makes it a fun and memorable occasion for people of all ages and walks of life. Here in Boston, however, it was a full-fledged show of political power. On Saturday, MassEquality rolled through the streets with trucks and balloons and the largest contingent of any group out there. And, of course, Governor Deval Patrick was there, smiling and waving at the head of the parade.

Since his election last year, Governor Patrick has been a key leader around the issue of equal marriage rights, and his appearance on Saturday made him the first sitting Massachusetts governor to march in the Boston gay pride parade. In my time up here, I’ve seen him speak three times, and each time I’ve been bowled over and inspired. He just gets it. He has always talked about how his marriage has been largely unaffected by gay and lesbian couples getting married, and how it’s time to move on and focus on all the things that are important to Bay Staters, like education and jobs. People come before their government as equals, he always says.

In an AP story last week, the Governor said that he’ll ask lawmakers to postpone the vote if it doesn’t look like we’re gonna win. Of course, we hope we get these votes – and I am really hopefully optimistic – but it’s great to see that the Governor will help us if we need some more time. So so so much is on the line.  Three years of marriage equality, 9,000 married couples, and it might come down to one or two votes….

Post-pride, things are crazy. With just three days left until the vote, we are pedal to the metal. Volunteers are in the MassEquality office phone banking from 2pm until 9pm every night. We’re sorting the last of the postcards, and making drops to the legislators' offices. Political leaders on all sides of the issue are saying that nothing is for certain – with such a close vote count last time, and with so much activity around the issue, all we can really do is keep doing what we’re doing. But there’s a sense of determination and momentum in the office that is really inspiring. People are staying till midnight and working hard.

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