While I was sleeping

Having recently relearned the joys of the “couch” and the “book” and the “nap” I haven’t been poling my sad little gondola through the internets much lately (dirty as that may sound) so when I see stuff going on like this, I feel a certain degree of joy in my obliviousness.

And when I read this:

I find it at once touching and sad that Kaufman is maintaining that this attempt at getting him canned merely for challenging the officially-sanctioned narrative is something of an unrepresentative gambit — that it is an individual vs individual scenario that doesn’t speak to larger problems within the progressive movement — even as he’s witnessed firsthand how pernicious is a world view that privileges the incorrect decoding of a particular interpretive community over the (since established) intent of the utterer, and then gives that interpretive community permission to ascribe to the original utterer the product of the community’s own (often cynically self-interested) interpretive intent.

I am thankful I dropped out of college.

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