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The entire 82nd Airborne is deployed overseas

If you didn’t think our Army was at the breaking point, this fact should send a chill down your spine. This is the first time since World War II that the entire Fort Bragg-based unit is completely off home soil. From the CBS Evening News, broadcast on June 10, via Raw Story:

REPORTER: Good evening, russ. This is only going to be to be the second time since world war that the entire 82nd Airborne will be deployed overseas. Just one more sign of how thinly stretched the arm see right now. Tonight what’s left of the 82nd Airborne flies to Kuwait on its way to Iraq for a one-year tour. For decades the 82nd Airborne has been the go-to team in a time of crisis. But now they are all deployed. The surge is in full swing, but some worry its demands could be draining America’s ability to respond to a crisis.

MITCHELL: we are in a pretty tight position in being able to respond rapidly the way we would like.

REPORTER: Of the Army’s 44 combat brigades, nearly half are in Iraq or Afghanistan.

MITCHELL: we can’t keep this level of commitment up indefinitely in my judgment, with the size Army and Marine Corps that we have.

…REPORTER: Although the Pentagon admits readiness has been compromised, commanders say if an emergency happened elsewhere in the world, they could draw ground troops from Iraq and units recuperating at bases back in the U.S. But it won’t be easy.

MITCHELL: most of that Army has its equipment in depot or its people on leave or its reservists deactivated or temporarily back with their families.

I don’t ever want to hear a Republican talk about Democrats destroying the military. This president has driven it into the ground leaving the country more at risk than ever before, and leaving those serving without enough equipment and little relief. Body armor collected by the American Legion is sitting unused.

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