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Say Whaaa?!

headdesk.gifHello, everyone! Phoenix Woman here, assuming the servers are cooperating.

Tonight’s topic: Say Whaaa?! To wit (or ‘to witless’, as the case may be):

CNN’s Lou Dobbs has consistently used his prominent media perch to spout off all manner of readily-debunked racist nonsense. But when he’s called on his nonsense by well-informed critics such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, the critics in turn are attacked because they are allegedly — wait for it — “equally to blame for Dobbs’ overexposure”.

Excuse me? Excuse me?!

Does the SPLC have a show on America’s most trusted cable news network? (Yeah, that’s not saying much, but CNN’s still generally better than FOX News.)

Do more Americans know of the SPLC than they know of Lou Dobbs?

If we see somebody doing something that we know is wrong, do we stay silent and let our silence be counted as approval of this wrongdoing?

Ms. Head, meet Mr. Desk.

Yes, I know: Dobbs is himself married to a Hispanic person, so that apparently makes him Not A Racist. (Though John Wayne had a Hispanic wife and that didn’t stop him from being a racist. But I digress.) Here’s the deal: If Dobbs really isn’t a racist, his catering to racists and racist attitudes is even worse seen in this light. Why? Because it means that he knows full well that what he’s doing is wrong — yet he does it anyway.

…thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk…

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Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman