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L-Late Nite: Revolution?

My question for tonite is: how long do we put up with this current media paradigm? I know paradigm is a big word for late-late nite, but really: what’s it gonna take to shift things bigtime from the David Broder mentality to the Dan Froomkin mentality? When does Andrea Mitchell give way to Marcy Wheeler? What does it take for Murray Waas to replace David Gregory?

Are we stuck with this “Dick Cheney Controls Tim Russert” setup? Or can we make some bigger strides in the next year towards a new way-things-work? Or do we have to continue to midwife the birth-pangs of the New Media Order, as we have with the Libby live-blogging, YearlyKos, Media Matters, and the WEb2.0? And how long will it take, damnit?

Or have we not even seen the next big thing?

What’s the landscape look like in 2017? Are there any dead-tree newspapers left? Have we reinstated the Fairness Doctrine? Can you say the seven dirty words yet on terrestrial radio?

I used to quip during the Libby live-blogging: “Present at the creation of a new media paradigm, etc.” How long does this creation take, and what do you suppose it all looks like when we get there?

Or just fool around. It’s L-Late Nite, after all….

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge