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* Is anyone out there surprised at this — Fundie addiction to Internet porn on the rise. An online Christian Internet community conducted a surve and found that five of ten Christian men in the U.S. and two of ten Christian women — are addicted to pornography. (H/ts, Pilotweed and Rog)

* A snippet from former Navy Petty Officer Second Class Jason Knight reaction to the news about Peter Pace’s departure from the post of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Mr. Pace has also shown another side of himself when he made those gay-bashing remarks earlier this year in March. Remarks that were directed at an estimated 65,000+ gay and lesbian service members who are currently serving in silence. The character flaw here is not his own views or opinions, but rather his lack of leadership in expressing those views in the public eye while in uniform. And this leads me to believe that there were other motives in the decision not to have him back. As a leader he should have supported ALL of those who currently support him. I can only hope that he learns something from this.

* The Labor Health and Human Services Appropriation Bill is supposed to come for a vote next week in the House Appropriations Committee. It currently includes funding for the federal Community Based Abstinence Education program. Abstinence-only doesn’t work. NGLTF’s Matt Foreman:

“It is appalling that anyone would even consider increasing funds for a thoroughly debunked and harmful program like abstinence-only education. The nation is counting on Congress to ensure that every adult and young person receives factual, scientifically-based information about their health. Instead, we are being denied the critical information we need to protect ourselves. Congressional Democrats can and must end these programs once and for all — and do it now.”

* Read about the fundamentalist crackdown against women in Iran, a country ironically more permissive than others in the region. Women are permitted to drive, smoke, vote, and run for office, but apparently have crossed the line for demanding equal rights and for adopting Western dress, abandoning the chador.

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* Surf over to Perrspectives for a howler on Tom DeLay comparing himself to Jesus.

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