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Some Schlozman Details

I haven’t found a transcript online, but here are some details from the Schlozman hearing that–at least according to my notes–are significant and underreported.

The ACORN Investigation Is/Is Not National
You’ll recall that Brad Schlozman indicted 4 former ACORN workers (one of whose name he got wrong) for submitting fraudulent voter reg information. Well, he strongly suggested that the indictments were not part of a national investigation (a few Senators hammered him on this point–suggesting that, since the investigation was not national, it shouldn’t have been filed before the election). But, at the same time, Schlozman indicated over and over again that the investigation is national.

There needs to be follow-up on this. Did Schlozman and some other flunkies dream up a national campaign against ACORN based on the 4 flimsy indictments in MO?

Schlozman Was Personally Monitoring DOJ Emails
In a discussion about a case being investigated by Office of Public Responsibility, Schlozman admitted he had given himself the ability to monitor Department emails.

Apparently, OPR was investigating a Department employee who had contacted someone DOJ was suing and offered to defend him (I think the implication is the DOJ employee would quit and then defend the defendant). "At the direction of OPR," Schlozman started monitoring emails … not just of that employee, apparently, but of the departments’ employees. Leahy asked Schlozman how he came to be directed by OPR to start reading Department employees’ emails. But I don’t think Schlozman ever provided a real answer.

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