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n722455824_9641.jpgI admit it, I don’t understand many of the online social networking tools that seem to be breeding like rabbits every day online, but I do understand that people are developing new ways to use them in order to network and organize people toward political action (such as Agape) much like what we’re trying to do in the Roots project.

So I’m going to start a regular column on Saturdays to discuss these things and talk about ways to build our community out. Today I’m taking the facebook plunge. I asked Spazeboy to explain the whole thing to me since he’s in the right age demographic and he just shrugged his shoulders and said he didn’t understand it himself. He’s now one of my facebook friends so I guess we’re learning together.

Do you use facebook? Do you like it? Are you afraid of it? What features do you find useful? Is it better to burn out than to fade away?

You can register for facebook here. My profile is here, Kobe’s is here, and we’re always looking for new friends.

And please join the firedoglake facebook group. Since facebook is open source there are being interesting new applications written every day, and the Obama campaign seems to be making the most of them. I think there could be many interesting ways we could use it to inform, motivate and organize our community to make the leap from virtual to real-world activism, and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

(And I should cop to the fact that I’m just shamelessly working the blog because I must have more facebook friends than Matt Stoller.)

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Jane Hamsher

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