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On Fouad’s Fallen Soldier

I promise, I’m going to start looking at the Libby letters in earnest tomorrow, and hopefully continue my series on the week of June 9, 2003. I have to wait until tomorrow, though, bc I’ve got key documents on my desktop, and all the batteries for the keyboard and the mouse crapped out at once (and mr. emptywheel has expressly forbidden me from using any but rechargeable batteries for them anymore).

But for now, I want to look at Fouad Ajami’s absurd piece in the WSJ.

All that has been said about the piece–not least, it’s insult to real soldiers, particularly those who have fallen in Ajami’s and Libby’s war–is absolutely right. But I’d like to say something slightly different.

I appreciate Ajami’s piece or its naked honesty.  Ajami portrays this fight–the fight for Libby’s pardon–to be a key battle in the larger bureaucratic fight to be able to go to war.

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