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Come Saturday Morning: Five Myths About Immigrants And Health Care

us-flag.jpgI’m sure you’ve all heard the stories. Lou Dobbs states them, right-wing bloggers elaborate on them, conservative e-mail chains expand on them in ways even Dobbs doesn’t dare to do publicly.

And the stories are all variants on this theme: “Immigrants use up our resources and take our jobs and don’t give us anything in return!”

There’s one thing wrong with this theme: It’s bogus.

Here’s a PDF report published by American Progress on 5 key myths about immigrants that have been given lots of play over the years.

The 5 myths are as follows:

1. The US public health insurance programs are over burdened with documented
and undocumented immigrants.
2. Immigrants consume large quantities of health care resources.
3. Immigrants come to the US to gain access to health care services.
4. Restricting Immigrants access to the health care system will not affect
American citizens.
5. Undocumented immigrants are free riders in the American health care system.

The CAP report does a very good job of debunking these and other myths.

By the way, for those interested in real, workable measures to provide better jobs for Americans, check out CAP’s plan to cut our nation’s poverty in half. The steps are simple and (aside from making certain rich people whine) eminently do-able. Best of all, they aren’t a vehicle to promote racism.

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