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The Power of Postcards

When I was younger, I remember an older relative suggesting I start collecting postcards as a hobby.  Since postcards aren’t the hippest of collectables, I stuck to adding to my much cooler inventory of Star Trek and Star Wars action figures. But one should never underestimate the power of a post-card.


It’s become increasingly clear that there were quite a few communities where the legislators’ votes on marriage equality were in stark contrast to the desires of their constituents. In a number of these towns and cities, local affiliate groups in support of marriage equality have formed, and they have really been active in collecting postcards and public statements opposed to the constitutional amendment.


Additionally, over the last few months, MassEquality has been engaging citizens across the state, collecting support for equality in the form of post-cards. From town meetings in Norwell to Memorial Day parades in Quincy, MassEquality staff and volunteers have been asking Bay Staters to share their support of Marriage Equality with their legislators, and they have in droves. These four-by-five cards of correspondence have a huge impact – especially when you have 190,000!


On Wednesday, I helped volunteers deliver these special postcards to their legislators. MassEquality has been delivering them bit by bit (where would one store 190,000 postcards?), so Wednesday's drop totaled about 20,000. Quite a few people came in from a good distance away to deliver to their own reps. One South Shore couple got to hand-deliver almost 800 postcards to their state senator and was even able to have a lengthy discussion with the Senator’s chief of staff. It’s taken a lot of effort, work and resources, but I really feel like we’ve got momentum on our side as we head towards the constitutional convention.

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