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Mitt's confrontation with lesbian mom enrages Freepi

And here we thought Mitt Romney made an ass out himself in his insensitive remarks to a lesbian mom in New Hampshire when she called him out on his anti-gay position on recognition of same-sex committed relationships (see my earlier post).  He said:

“Wonderful. I’m delighted that you have a family and you’re happy with your family. That’s the American way. … People can live their lives as they choose and children can be a great source of joy, as you know. And I welcome that…Marriage is an institution which is designed to bring a man and woman together to raise a child and that the ideal setting for society at large is where there is a male and a female are associated with the development and nurturing a child.”

This feeble affirmation and slap in the face was apparently lost on the Freepers, who are enraged because he said it was “the American way” to have a happy (gay) family.

See the bile after the flip…btw, Romney’s toast with this crowd.

Actual Freeper Quotes

Mitt the used car salesman

What’s that whirring sound? The distant report of Willard “Weatherboy” Romney reversing his position again.

We’ve lost track now, but we thought Romney opposed gay adoption and gay marriage.

There ya’ go thinking again…

Hold it. Don’t condemn Mitt too fast. After all, he was in New England when he said this. We all know he said all kinds of “pro-choice” things when he was pandering to MA voters; so of course…he’s in NH…out pops more “pro-choice” verbiage in regard to “let’s let ANY combo of parentage raise kids…I’m ‘pro-choice’ when I’m in New England and I always will be (when I’m in New England).”

So he thinks we should not intrude in peoples lives as long as children are not threatened, but he also thinks we should not change our laws about marriage?

And hey, Mitt, why stop at couples? How about a gay college fraternity house raising kids? After all, we know your bottom line: That’s the American way, to have people have their freedom of choice.

Big tent Love.

The children of gay parents are much more likely to be promiscuous in an effort to PROVE they are not gay, which opens them up to VD and pregnancy and heartache. There’s nothing “American” about conferring legitimacy on an emotional sickness, and forcing CHILDREN to provide cover with their very lives. Don’t you care about the children?

You guys are just Morman haters. He if by far the best candidate we have, and the fact that he’s Morman makes some of you guys so mad. Better get used to it, because that MOR-MAN is going to be our next president.

Romney is toast.

Flippity flop flop
Flippity flop flop
Look at Mitt Romney go
Flippity flop flop
Flippity flop flop
However the wind might blow

(Lets see his supporters TRY to defend this): I have been saying for MONTHS; this guys is a say (DO) whaterve it takes to get elected (wolf-in-sheeps-clothing..). Seriously Folks, this guy is not good news. All you Christians that were SUPPORTING Him, or looking at him as a “vaible alternative to McCain, Guiliani” Better wake up…Romney is more of the same (post-modern) do-anything-to-get ahead weasel.

Certianly there are cases where single parents are raising children thru no fault of their own, but its not an o.k. practice in general. And here I thought Romney was all about family values.

I don’t care if he’s Mormon or Martian. I don’t like his flip-flopping on important issues.

Romney is a FRAUD.

He (can-not) DOES NOT understand the issue if he believe Children (belonging to..) and growing up in a “homosexual household” they aren’t threatened! WAKE UP.

Romney’s Dept. of Social Services honors homosexual “married” couple as adoptive “Parents of the Year”

The Massachusetts Department of Social Services (DSS), run by the Romney administration, honored a homosexual “married” couple (two men) as their adoptive “Parents of the Year” for 2006. The DSS has gained a reputation for being aggressively pro-homosexual over recent years. This incident sparked outrage across the country, but to our knowledge no policies or personnel at DSS were changed as a result.

Sounds like ol’ Mitt just had his “jump the shark” moment

faggots should never be allowed near children period.

I have just about exited that tent, and left for the ?good ole fundamentalist revival tent’.

Precious Willard, that ignorant slut. Fred can’t come in fast enough and put this RINO primary sideshow hootenanny to an end.

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