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Break Out the Purple Hearts

paintball-tank-scenario-game.jpgScooter Libby, Casualty of War?

In “The Soldier’s Creed,” there is a particularly compelling principle: “I will never leave a fallen comrade.” This is a cherished belief, and it has been so since soldiers and chroniclers and philosophers thought about wars and great, common endeavors. Across time and space, cultures, each in its own way, have given voice to this most basic of beliefs. They have done it, we know, to give heart to those who embark on a common mission, to give them confidence that they will not be given up under duress. A process that yields up Scooter Libby to a zealous prosecutor is justice gone awry.

Mr. President, the one defining mark of your own moral outlook is the distinction between friend and foe, a refusal to be lulled into moral and political compromises. Your critics have made much of this and have seen it as self-righteousness and moral absolutism, but this has guided you through the great, divisive issues faced by our country over these last, searing years. Scooter Libby was a soldier in your–our–war in Iraq, he was chief of staff to a vice president who had become a lightning rod to the war’s critics.


Scooter Libby was there for the beginning of that campaign. He can’t be left behind as a casualty of a war our country had once proudly claimed as its own.

I simply don’t have enough tears to shed for all the pain and suffering this nation has incurred since 9/11. I can’t even make my way to the casualties in Iraq. I’m just worried sick about the perils that Hugh Hewitt is gonna face in the elevator each day.


I think that Fearless Leader’s refusal to let military coffins be photographed has had a few unintended consequences, since some people do not seem to realize that “casualties of war” wind up, you know, dead.

As AL says, “Libby isn’t a fallen soldier. He’s a convicted felon. There’s an enormous difference.”

(h/t LG&M)

Update:  And then Crazy Uncle Marty runs out of the attic with an axe…

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