I bought Jessica Valenti’s book for the fine fiction and interviews

Ryan Grim defends his choice of words when describing Ann Althouse’s Boobgate:

12:12 PM kentucky: I don’t understand why Jessica is so defensive about what you said in your profile of Ann Althouse. I personally don’t think her chest was the focal point of the photo, but you, as a young man, are welcome to that opinion. So why does holding that opinion mean that you think she was flaunting her secuality, or however she described it?

Ryan Grim: I bought Valenti’s book the other day and am about halfway through it. The title, Full Frontal Feminism, is an obvious play on Full Frontal Nudity, a porn term that let’s folks know how much they’re about to see. And then there’s the cover, splashed with a nude woman’s midsection. And then there’s the content: a steady theme of the book is sexuality, getting into specifics like oral sex and masturbation.

On the Colbert Report the other night, she said, “Nothing says feminism like a naked woman’s body.” Okay, fine.

I don’t care one way or the other what Valenti writes about. But to pick that subject matter and then object to me saying that she’s “not shy with her body” strikes me as a double standard. A woman can talk about sexuality but a man can’t then say that she’s comfortable doing what she’s doing? And why would anybody object to that characterization? What’s wrong with not being shy?

Thanks to several women who have discussed that very question to me, I now (think I) know why she objects to that. When she says “everyone knows” what I meant, she’s saying that I was using coded language to call her a ‘slut.’

Now, if you take the line I wrote completely out of context, I can agree that such an interpretation is possible, though it’s a stretch. But I can also say that that interpretation couldn’t be farther from the truth. What purpose on Earth would it serve either me or the story to call someone I never met a slut?

Not only wasn’t intended to be offensive, the line wasn’t even remotely intended as a criticism. What could possibly be wrong with not being shy about one’s body? A lot of people aren’t and, I would think, that’s a trait shared by mature individuals.

I remember a time when guys would use “If I told you you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?” as a pickup line. I’m glad to see that Ryan Grim has taken it to a much higher intellectual level although there is still something to be said for the minimalist “Nice tits”.

Jessica’s book can be purchased here. Released two weeks after Hugh Hewitt’s literary salad tossing of Mitt, it’s outselling Hugh.

I bet you thought I was going to use the Hewitt manboob picture, didn’t you?

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