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Biden Done Good


During the New Hampshire debate Joe Biden scored one of the best moments of the evening by calling for public financing of elections (above). He didn’t get nearly enough credit for it in the blogosphere because, well, he’s been on the wrong side of some very unpopular issues. But during the previous debate, Biden also gave one of the best answers when asked about the recent SCOTUS decision on abortion, rightly pointing out that this did not portend well for Roe v. Wade:

The truth of the matter is that this decision was intellectually dishonest. I think it is a rare procedure that should only be available when the woman’s life and health is at stake.

But, what this court did is it took that decision, and it said — put a Trojan horse in — through dishonest reasoning, laid the groundwork for undoing Roe v. Wade.

That’s the danger of this decision. Not the specific procedure, but the rationale offered to justify, I think, the next step they’re going to try to take.

It showed more guts and forthrightness on the subject than anybody else managed to come up with, especially in the wake of Brian Williams’ truly horrific question. (Biden cocked it all up on Meet Tim Russert shortly thereafter by going all wobbly kneed over the right-wing “third trimester” frame so I didn’t make a big deal of it, but he does deserve credit for what he said in South Carolina.)

Anyway, booyah for Biden. He done good. It would be nice to hear the other ’08s follow his lead particularly on the public financing of elections, and I hope Joe continues to speak out about this and take the lead because nobody else is doing it. His positions seem heartfelt and it makes him look capable of leadership when he steps out like this.

And isn’t that what Presidentin’ is all about?

(Thanks to ctblogger for the clip, who now has the keys to the place over at MLN.)

Update: Dick Durbin is sponsoring the Fair Elections Now Act. We like.

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