Failure to succeed

Eli Lake thinks that all of you people complaining about Joe Klein are a bunch of frustrated losers who failed to reach the heights of your profession yet you somehow managed to develop mad Google skillz:

I bet at least half of the netleft are failed professors, over-educated literary theory PHDs, who make themselves appear more numerous than they arethrough their anonymity and deliberate manipulation of google. Their real audience are the technocrat staffers for Dems on the Hill, who agreed with them that their bosses were pushovers during the Bush presidency.

What if the netleft, that has created the impression that there is a rising plurality that would like to abandon Iraqis to Qaeda, Quds and the Ba’ath, are just a few thousand committed Marxists in their pajamas? What if the Dems have strategically miscalculated? What if their over-compensation is to appease a vocal 1 percent of the electorate that actually draws contempt from the rest of the country?

Yeah, what if, hunh… hunh? Take that you miserable failures. Losers! Looooosers!!1!

Using my mad Google skillz, I present…

Eli Lake:

A philosophy major, Lake knows his Trinity education has served him well as a journalist. He names Jerry Watts, Cheryl Greenberg, Maurice Wade, Howard DeLong, Adrienne Fulco, and Jack Chatfield as professors who “gave me a lot of personal attention and encouraged me to think critically about the texts we were reading.”

It was ideal preparation for the kind of analytical processing of information he does now. Lake, who wrote for the Tripod at Trinity, started his journalism career writing for various Washington, D.C., newsletters, covering the Environmental Protection Agency and the Education Department before landing a job as the Washington correspondent for The Forward, the oldest and largest Jewish newspaper in the country. From there, he made the leap to UPI. He hopes to someday write for The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal.

13 years later he works for The New York Sun.

That would be this New York Sun:

The Audit Bureau of Circulations confirmed that in its first six months of publication the Sun had an average circulation of just under 18,000.[11] By 2005 the paper reported an estimated circulation of 45,000.[12] In December 2005 the Sun withdrew from the Audit Bureau of Circulations to join the Certified Audit of Circulations, whose other New York clients are the free papers The Village Voice and amNewYork, and began an aggressive campaign of free distribution in select neighborhoods.[13][14] As of 2007 the paper claims a readership of 150,000.[15]

The Sun’s online edition has been accessible for free since August 2006.[16]

While the Sun claims “150,000 of New York City’s Most Influential Readers Every Day,” according to April 2007 article in The Nation, its [the Sun’s] own audit indicates that “the Sun is selling 13,211 hard copies a day and giving away more than 85,000. (By contrast, the Daily News sells about 700,000 copies a day.) In an attempt to lasso subscribers in certain New York ZIP codes, the Sun recently offered free subscriptions for a full year, an unusual way for a newspaper to build circulation.”

Well, it isn’t the Pennysaver, but it’s not exactly the New York Times either.

That has got to hurt.

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