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NY State Elects First Openly Bisexual Legislator

Last night NYC’s Upper East Side (UES) elected NY state’s first openly bisexual legislator. Micah Kellner, a Democrat, has defeated Bloomberg endorsed Republican Greg Camp for the assembly seat in NY’s 65th district (the area east of 2nd Ave. from 60th St. to 90th St. and Roosevelt Island).

Kellner will be the first openly bisexual member of the NY State legislature and the fourth LGBT member of the assembly.

Kellner had the endorsements, among others, of the Gay City News, The Empire State Pride Agenda, and Roosevelt Island’s own Main Street Wire.

I voted last night and the voting station was flooded with people… Yeah right! The very nice people working there seemed slightly surprised, but genuinely happy to see to me.  Vote in local elections, especially the special ones.  The votes and election usually really matter.

I wish I could write “oddly, the NY Times,” but it’s not odd.  The Times left Kellner’s LGBT status out of both its pre-election and results coverage.  The NYPost put it right in their headline, in screaming caps that I won’t reproduce, “Bisexual Pol Wins.”

Congrats Micah!

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