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Late Nite FDL: Tidbits

tidbits.jpgHello, everyone!  This is Phoenix Woman again, subbing for TRex, who is on a well-deserved vacation.  I'll also throw out a Late Late Nite post if y'all seem particularly rambunctious tonight.

Thought I'd pass along the following news tidbits — Some are old, some are new, some are borrowed, and some are blue:

— Under the "old" (but still eminently pertinent) category:  Cliff Schecter discusses the sad tale of Col. Ted Westhusing.  This is a tale that never made it to the evening news, probably because it cuts to the heart of why the invasion and occupation of Iraq was and is so very wrong, and to this day the GOP/Media Complex really doesn't want to look too closely — or too accurately — at that. 

—  Self-pimpage department:  Come with me as I delve into the Voter Vault and the arcane mysteries of the Republican Party.  (Cue Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BVW565.)

— Friend-pimpage department:  Co-blogger Charles has an interesting piece on a Mexican paramilitary group aligned with Mexico's new leader, Felipe Calderon, and with connections to Calderon's predecessor Vincente Fox.  Mexico's recent sharp rise in violence has been simply attributed to "drug lords", but the role of paramilitary groups with a political agenda cannot be overlooked. 

So what about you?  Got any tidbits you'd like to pass on?  [UPDATE:  Check this out!   Eeeeep.]

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