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Beyond Bush

A long and thoughtful article by Fareed Zakaria has been published in Newsweek, entitled Beyond Bush; What the world needs is an open, confident America..

Some thoughts:

In the 1980s the main thing Reagan was selling was optimism. America is in a better position than what it was in the 1980s and Bush only sells fear. We see all that such fear has done to America’s and Bush’s reputation yet all the candidates for President are selling more of the same.

The GOP guys won’t speak of Bush (they’re Reagan Republicans) but they’re all busy thumping their chests. The Dems sound more sensible but are worried they won’t look tough enough.

To combat terrorism, we don’t need retribution, but resilience. Keeping current troop levels in Iraq is like holding a finger in a dike, containing the violence but not solving the underlying problems. We need to cut our presence (to 50K troops) and let the tensions play themselves out.

Our efforts to force regime change in Cuba have resulted in Castro being the longest serving head of government in the world. We need to engage the rest of the world, not threaten them.

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