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Schlozman and Graves Testimony Before Senate Judiciary

gavel.jpgTestimony is set to begin at 2:30 pm ET in the Senate Judiciary Committee

Witnesses today will be Bradley J. Schlozman, Associate Counsel to the Director of the Executive Office for United States Attorneys, Former Interim U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, Former Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General and Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice and Todd Graves, Former U.S. Attorney, Western District of Missouri.  Should be some interesting testimony today.

Emptywheel called me a few minutes ago.  She and Tiredfed are going to be able to attend the hearing.  C-Span3 will be covering the proceedings live, according to their scheduling information.  I'm not going to do detailed liveblogging of the proceedings, but will be watching along for notable moments and will pick those out for everyone and put them up as they come along until I have to go and pick up The Peanut from preschool.

Please feel free to point out what you are hearing in the comments as well.

Hearing begins app. 2:34 pm ET.

SEN. LEAHY begins with a statement regarding the WH's stalling tactics in giving information anf cooperating with the investigations of Congress.  That if Pres. Bush wants to complain about delay in this concluding, he need only look to himself and his employees for the reason why.

Asks whether "voter fraud" and the willingness to pursue cases as a means of proving loyalty to the White House may have played a part in Graves' firing and Schlotzman's hiring.  Says that it is the Department of Justice for the whole of the US, and not just for the White House.

2:41 pm ET 

SCHLOZMAN doing his opening statement now.  Talking up his amazing tenure stats in his few months in the USA seat.  [CHS NOTES:  Any PR is good PR theory of testimony.]

NOTE:  Sorry gang — my computer crashed and I had a bit of trouble getting it restarted.  Am going to begin a new thread.

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