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Libby Sentencing Four: Libby Speaks

libby1.jpgLibby: Family and I appreciate considerations shown to us during this conviction. In all taht time I have recieved nothing but kindness from Court's personnel, your honor's staff, court administrators, US Marshalls, Court security officers, and probation officer. I am grateful. Now I realize fully Court must decide on punishment, I hope court will consider my whole life. Thank you your honor.


Libby, Wells, Jeffress at podium. 

Walton: I have reviewed memoranda submitted by counsel. I also reviewed the sentencing memoranda themselves, articulating the respective positions. I have also reviewed the letters submitted both on behalf of Mr Libby and. I believe all of those letters have been made available and will be made available to public. Considered sentencing guidelines.

Walton: I didnt' welcome havign to sentence Libby, for any sentencing, most difficult task a person serving as a judge, particularly hard in a case involving someone based upon those who know Mr Libby compared those those viewing the situation from afar, have said about Mr. Libby and what type of person he is and the contributions he has made to society and his family. Those letters reflect the fact that Libby, despite the fact he could have remained in private practice, making much more than public servants, and took positions in govt.

[Libby looks stiff, ghost white]

Walton I don't doubt based on information that I have been privvy to that contrary to what a lot of people may not understand that Libby along with the entire intelligence community has played  a central role in keeping our country safe. Unfortunately the people who do thata work don't recieve accolades in general. On one hand, I have an indivi I have to sentence, but for has done good for society.

Walton: One starts out with factors, under that statute, requires statute that is sufficent but not greater than factors set forth in provision, obviously factors I've just indicated regarding Libby's personal situation. There is the other side of the picture. I appreciate that somtimes people make mistakes. Contrary to what a lot of people have said, regarding this case and investigation, and attacks that have been made, I think are misplaced, the evidence overwhlemingly indicated Libby's culpability despite best efforts of counsel. I've watched these proceedings with a sense of sadness bc I have highest respect for govt servants. Important taht we expect and demand a lot of people who are in those situations. They have a certain high level obligation when they occupy that situation. In this situation Libby failed to meet the bar. COntrary to what he has done in his life. My take on evidnece presented, no evidence that Mr Libby knew that Ms Wilson status was, but being NSA for VP seems to me that anybody in that high level position had a unique obligation that before they said aything said anything associated iwth national security agency. Take every effort possible they woul dknow that that person was not in position taht could compromise them, others, or this nation. 


When confronted, He had articles the suggestion that this was a fleeting event, that’s just not borne out by evidence ,had conversation with VP about Ms Wilson, conversations with indivs at CIA, all of those efforts are inconsistent with saying this was a passing point. Just not borne out by facts. That’s extrememly troublesome. Special obligation they don’t do anything that could cause problem.

I've got sentencing guidelines. I've got to pay attention to those. I've got to pay attention to guidelines because people need to believe there's some consistency.

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Marcy Wheeler aka Emptywheel is an American journalist whose reporting specializes in security and civil liberties.