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Dallas could be the largest U.S. city to elect an out gay mayor

Wouldn’t this be something! Dallas City Council member Ed Oakley might win that honor if he wins upcoming runoff election. Dallas has a population of 1.2 million and has an LGBT community estimated at 120K.

Ed Oakley’s candidacy is the latest indication that Dallas’ reputation as a conservative stronghold is giving way to more diversity. The city is already home to several gay elected officials, including the sheriff.

“Dallas is less and less the Dallas that people think it is,” said Cal Jillson, a political science professor at Southern Methodist University. “And Dallas is less and less the Dallas that it used to be.”

In the mayoral race, Oakley and former construction company CEO Tom Leppert emerged from a crowded 11-candidate field that included another openly gay man and a transgendered woman. Oakley and Leppert will be the only candidates in the June 16 runoff.

…The city has nondiscrimination policies covering sexual orientation and gender identity and offers health insurance to the domestic partners of city employees, measures praised as progressive by local gay-rights activists. “I think some people don’t realize that Dallas is very diverse: economically, ethnically, culturally,” said Pete Webb, president of the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance.

That has helped mute any controversy about Oakley’s sexuality in a state where two years ago voters approved a ban on gay marriage by a 3-to-1 margin.

This set off the Freepi, and a few seemed to fixate on Troy Aikman’s sexuality for some reason…

Actual Freeper Quotes

BS – Dallas is not conservative. It?s a city that speaks Ebonics and has open boarder rallies. It?s everything outside of Austin and Dallas that?s conservative.

For a minute I thought it was going to be Troy Aikman.

…most of the conservatives moved to the outlying communities. The same, unfortunately, could be said of most major cities today…

“Ed Oakley’s candidacy is the latest indication that Dallas’ reputation as a conservative stronghold is giving way to more diversity.”

More like giving way to madness. The rodents swept Dallas County last November, and if that holds, the county will have officially jumped the shark. This fella looks like Paul Lynde’s cousin.

I wonder what the gay sheriff looks like? Can he lead his officers? And in what direction? I wouldn?t like to be in the locker room with him, if I were a police officer.

Wasn?t the line from Full Metal Jacket by the DI R. Lee Ermey? ?Only steers and queers come from Texas, son – and I don?t see any horns on your head?.

What do you expect? It?s Texas. Let’s hope they slide off that into The Gulf of Mexico

Not surprising. A lot of urban areas are being given up to degenerates and scum. People that practice a bizarre sexual fetishes are nothing new to urban ghettos.

One of the guys on another political board who always help me fight off the liberals is openly gay. He?s very libertarian on social issues, and very conservative on issues of taxation, regulation, and environment. Shrug I?d rather have a gay business owner elected mayor than any sort of socialist.

What an blatantly biased statement. The AP makes it sound as if diversity is dependent on openness to homosexuality. Give me a break.

?Dallas hasn?t been conservative for quite a few years: most of the conservatives moved to the outlying communities.?

Yep. Or Highland/University Park. Or Ft. Worth. DISD is one of the biggest liberal cesspools in the country.

The sheriff is a she. Lupe Valdez.

11-candidate field that included another openly gay man and a transgendered woman

Dosn?t that show that gays are in the political arena in disproportionate numbers ? Are are a 1/4 of the voters in Dallas gay?

You shut your mouth when your talking about Aikman!

I think Aikman’s wife (who is female) would take offense to that remark.

what exactly is a “gender identity nondiscrimination policy”? Does that mean in Dallas if I have a Y chromosome and certain *ahem* body parts but say I’m a woman, then to the city I’m a woman (and vice-versa)?

It’s amazing to me that the “gays” have to publicize their sex lives. You don’t hear normal people going around or campaigning for office as “openly heterosexual”. Their sexuality simply isn’t an issue at all.

Well, the diversity line is PC bull$hit. Real diversity to any of our major cities would be Republican Mayors. As far as I know about Dallas, it has only had 1 GOP Mayor in a century, and that was former Congressman Steve Bartlett who served a single term from 1991-95. Electing another rodent is merely business as usual, whether they pack fudge, eat clams, or whatever else.

My 30 year old son and I where in Sundance Square in Fort Worth yesterday checking out lofts for him – needs to be closer to work – this kid is as straight as an arrow but also very handsome – the gay guys where openly eyeing him with me walking right next to him !!!! Downtown Fort Worth !!!!! We where both so disgusted we started looking elsewhere for a new place for him. Couldn?t believe it!

Only about 13 percent of registered voters turned out in the initial election. With numbers like these the gay guy is going to win.

Dallas has been circling the drain for at least a decade. My in-laws finally made the move and bought a house closer to Waco. They can?t get out of Dallas fast enough.

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