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Brit Hume lobs 'spearchucker' on the air

Well spearchucker is a term I haven’t heard in a while, and what do you know, Brit Hume, Faux News talking head, wants to bring it back into common use:

Fred Thompson was the chairman of the Investigating committee and it went absolutely nowhere. he was effectively buffaloed in that investigation by none other than John Glenn — who was a wonderful man,– but not somebody normally you would think capable of being a real partisan..ahh?ahh.. spearchucker, who could, who could undo an investigation. So it didn’t go very well and I think Fred Thompson has acknowledged since then that it wasn’t his finest hour?

The Urban Dictionary makes it clear what the term means (h/t Crooks & Liars).

A derogatory phrase for a black male used in reference to his primitive abilities to hunt animals with a long sharpened object.

I’m not sure how or why Brit thinks former astronaut and senator from Ohio John Glenn is a spearchucker, but I’ve never heard of an alternate definition other than the racist one.

These GOP-ers sure are nostaglic for terms like “tar baby” and “spearchucker.” Here’s a flashback for them — the infamous SNL “Job Interview Word Association” skit with Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase; there’s no doubt as to the context of spear chucker:

Any guess as to whether we’ll hear “coon” hit the airwaves by these folks? Might as well go for the hat trick.

Too Sense on the slur-swinging Hume, who works for a network that the Congressional Black Caucus has hopped in bed with to sponsor a debate:

I find it fascinating that the CBC  continues to defend its involvement with a news organization whose Washington Bureau chief feels it is appropriate to use this kind of racially derogatory language to discuss politics on the air. More telling is how comfortable Hume is with its casual use, as if it is a term he uses all the time.

BONUS: Check out John Gibson’s bigot eruption on Faux News, after the flip.Correction (thanks, Clif): It was John Gibson, not Mel, who uttered the stupidity  on The Big Story last week. The host gave this nugget of analysis about the man who traveled by airline after contracting antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis. (Media Matters):

“It seems every time a story pops up about somebody who has suddenly contracted some strange or incurable disease, it’s somebody who is either from the third world, or was traveling through some godforsaken hellhole, and somehow managed to contract ooga booga fever.”

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