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A few tidbits from the mailbag as I catch up from my laptop disaster.

* Just so you know, I didn’t watch the Dem debate on CNN. Maybe I’ll catch it on a later airing if I’m awake…

* Have you been to the Christian Domestic Discipline Store?

* The podcast of Meet the Bloggers is up. I was interviewed by Joh Padgett of Blue Indiana. Also featured on the broadast is Bil Browning of Bilerico and Melissa McEwan of Shakesville.

* Eva reports that the Minnesota Family Council is leaving dirty messages on her voicemail. “How does Michele Bachmann feel about an organization that leaves mass automated messages that start with ‘anal sex and oral anal sex'”?

* There’s cool profile of gay author Brent Hartinger that’s worth the click. He has a new fantasy novel out for teens, “Dreamquest” which is about a girl who finds herself in a surreal film studio that produces her  nightmares.

* Surf over to check out The Out Front Blog, a new site that focuses on gay and lesbian communications with posts on a variety of topics, including media issues, corporate engagement, diversity best practices and the growing interest of marketers and corporations in reaching our community. The site features a Q&A series with Neil Giuliano of GLAAD, Marjorie Hill and Don Blanchon of GMHC and Whitman-Walker Clinic, among others. This month there will be a Q&A with Billie Jean King.

* Gay Pride Month is being celebrated at The L Word in Second Life, and there will be a Carnival, Date Auctions, a Kissing Booth, Speed Dating, Pool Parties, a Gay prom, Dykes on Bikes, live footage from the NYC Gay Pride and Pride Parades for Second Life on 6/10-11 and 6/24-25. The project is sponsored by Altoids (personal aside — I love their cinnamon gum!).

* AfterElton has an interview with pro-gay cartoonist Darrin Bell (Candorville).

* NC blogger, activist, and Blender Matt Hill Comer has launched ScoutPride, a new community and blog for current, former or dismissed gay and bi members and leaders of the Boy Scouts of America, as well as Scouts who are atheist, agnostic and non-theist. [Matt was a Star Scout in Troop 715,  from New Philadelphia Moravian Church, Old Hickory Council in Winston-Salem, NC. He was dismissed in 2000.]

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