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uh_bush_barney.jpgfor the week ending 6/2/07: 

AP (Washington, D.C.):  The White House is reporting that Barney, the Scottish Terrier and confidante to President Bush, is resigning his post today. Citing family and financial reasons for his departure, Barney is looking to the private sector for a more financially rewarding career.

While Bush was unavailable for comment, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino read a statement from the President. "Laura and I are very sad to see Barney go; he's been a tremendous asset to this administration. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors."

Perino added: "Barney had been planning on spending more time with his family for some time." 

NBC's David Gregory questioned whether the move was politically motivated by the latest revelations in the investigations into the U.S. Attorney firings or whether Barney had spent enough time hitting the tarmac in Waco.  Ms. Perino dismissed such allegations.

"While I understand how much you'd love this to be a scandal, it shouldn't be construed as anything other than a personal choice by Barney to enter the next phase of his life at this juncture," she stated.

Others weren't so sanguine about the news.  When asked a response to the imminent departure, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) simply asked: "So, I guess that just leaves Laura, then?"

Pauvre Peggy Noonan.  Her pearls are in desperate need of clutching, and James Wolcott is just the man to do it. 

There's a reason why I appreciate Attaturk's fascination with military history.  For posts like this one

Paddy at Cliff Schecter's place takes on Boehner's brand polishing. 

TBogg gets a little cross-eyed trying to remember all the rules of Calvinball. 

"Dean" Broder writes in to Creature's Corner over at State of the Day, while (let me make sure I get all the honoraria in here) The Hon. Dr. St. Rev. Bradley S. Rocket, Esq, PhD, MD at Sadly, No! gives Richard Cohen a salutory kick in the ass.

Norbiz over at Happy Furry Puppy Story Time weighs in on the 2008 Presidential race and his prognosis?  It SUCKS! Roy at alicublog is slack-jawed in horror at the Pantload's endorsement of Fred Thompson's potential candidacy. Oh, and Roger Ailes reminds us of some of the Pantload's choice words back in 2003.

First Draft 's Holden parses the President's words, again and again and again. Somebody get the straightjacket; Pony Boy's gonna need it reeeeeal soon.

Scott at World O' Crap introduces us to a real ladies' man. And a real ladies' man meets some . . . ladies?

And completely OT, but how's about giving some of us female bloggers a little action, too, Seventeen Magazine?  I'm tired of hearing how we don't exist. 

Salvage at Hairy Fish Nuts captures the essence of Short Ride's trip to that Baghdad market.  And just because I think we all could use a damned good laugh these days, Jesus' General finds god in Hogzilla II. 

And finally, I just wanted to express my sadness at the loss of such a ferociously funny, incisive and forthright voice in the blogosphere. Steve Gilliard will be very sorely missed. My heart goes out to his family and friends.  Pax.

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